Grasslands Pavilion / EDMONTON, 2011

Grasslands Pavilion for Victoria Park

The pavilion design for Edmonton’s Victoria Park in Edmonton created a variety of flexible spaces to respond to environmental conditions and uses at different times of day, weather and seasons. The pavilion is a long and narrow structure with large glazed openings that are rotated or slid to transform spaces from interior to exterior as needed.

A small berm on the east-side of the Grasslands Pavilion allows people to climb onto the building’s roof. The large roof overhang and a high parapet become a handrail for the inhabited roofscape. The main storey’s clerestory windows pop-up through the roof to become lounge chairs clad in the same wood-decking used on the ground and railings. The roof has large expanses of native plantings that recreate the region’s historic fescue grasslands. The grasses, flowers and fruit are selected to enliven the space with colour, texture and scent year-round to attract butterflies, birds and people.